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    How To Purify Air In Your Home

    Some 10 years ago Kamal Meattle who is a famous environmental activist appeared on Ted talk and enlightened us about how New Delhi's air made him sick and how he was able to discover a combination of three plants which he could keep indoors and they provide him with all the fresh purified air he needed to be healthy.

    Lets discuss about all three plants and find out how they help us live a better healthy life.

    Areca Palm ( Dypsis Lutescens )

    Areca palm also called yellow palm , butterfly palm , golden cane palm is not only beautiful looking ornamental plant but also a very helpful air purifying plant which gives oxygen at night.

    Mother In Law's Tongue ( Sansevieria Trifasciata )

    Also known as snake plant nad viper's bowstring hemp is loved by indoor plant lovers and just like areca palm releases oxygen at night as well.

    Money Plant ( Epipremnum Aureum )

    One of the most popular home plants with multiple common names like silver vine , golden pothos , ivy arum this plant is an excellent air purifier and can remove formaldehyde and other volatile chemicals from the air.

    According to Mr Meattle you need 4 shoulder high areca palms, 6 waist high snake plants and a money plant per person in a room and you will have fresh air being supplied to you continuously and hence you will have improved lung and overall health.


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