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    Kalpavriksha Tree Buy Online

    Botanical Name - Adansonia Digitata

    Common Name - kalvriksha

    Family - Malvaceae

    Native - Africa

    Plant Height Available With Us - 12 to 15 Inches

    Adansonia digitata commonly known as kalpvriksha in India is the most widespread variety of adansonia. It is a long lived tree whic can live for an age of up to 2500 years.

    Also known as baobab tree or monkey bread tree and upside down tree it can store up to 30 gallons of water in its trunk.

    In Hindu mythology it is regarded as a wish fulfilling divine tree and is a very popular corporate gift item.

    Price For 1 Plant of Kalpvriksha ( Adansonia Digitata ) 12 Inches Height Is -

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