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    Drosera Burmannii Plant Buy Online

    Botanical Name - Drosera Burmannii

    Common Name - Burmann's Sundew

    Native - India , Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia

    Family - Droseraceae

    Drosera Burmannii commonly known as Burmann's Sundew is a small but compact insectivorous plant which is native to Australia , India , Japan , Southeast Asia.

    The size of the plant is just around two to three centimeters and it is named after a famous 18th century botanist Dr N.L Burmann.

    Drosera Burmanni is known for its quick insect trapping skill as its leaves curl around its prey within a span of few seconds while other sundews can take minutes to hours to completely sound their catch.

    The upper surface of the plant is all covered in sticky glands which help in trapping the prey and digesting it.

    Its flowering season is from September to December and it produces very large amount of seeds.

    All the care details will be sent along with the plant.

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