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    Drosera Spatulata Plant Buy Online

    Botanical Name - Drosera Spatulata

    Common Name - Pet fly trap

    Family - Droseraceae

    Type - Carnivore

    Drosera spatulata is a very popular and widely spread sundew present in nature.

    Drosera plant can be found in abundance in Australia, New Zealand an parts of Tasmania as well as in Asian countries - China, Philippines, Taiwan , Hong Kong, Borneo.

    There are 133 different varietis of drosera and drosera spatulata is one of the most popular species in them.

    Carnivorous plant growers have classified it as a wee because of its tough hardy nature and the amount of seeds it spread when it flowers, the germination rate is also quite high and you can see plants of drosera growing in your surrounding pots.

    The size is generally 4 cm in diameter and it can grow in almost any medium.

    It should be kept moist but not much humidity is required by the plant, around 50% is sufficient.

    Its trapping speed is moderate and its leaves will fold and curl around its pray within a few hours.

    Apart from ants, mosquitoes and other worms you can also feed fish food pellets (crushed) with excellent results.

    All other care details will be sent along with the plant.

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