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    Nepenthes Ventrata Plant Buy Online

    Botanical Name - Nepenthes Ventrata

    Common Name - Pitcher plant

    Family - Nepenthaceae

    Native - Philipines

    Plant Height Available With Us - 8 to 10 Inches

    Nepenthes ventrata is a very popular pitcher plant which has its origins in the Philipines.

    It is a blend of ventricosa and alata and it grows quite easily indoors and is one of the most hardy pitcher plants out there.

    Nepenthes ventrata can do well in low light conditions but thrives when given direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours.

    Nepenthes is a tropical plant and gets its nutrition by trapping its prey.

    It is very important to keep these carnivorus plants hydrated as lack of humidity and hydration will result in death of the plant.

    On hot days you can spray the leaves to keep them moist.

    Mostly ants get attracted to nepenthes plant as well as mosquitoes.

    Keep in mind the soil with nutrients and fertilizers will end burning the roots of the plant so avoid using a fertilizer rich soil.

    All other care details will be sent along with the plant.

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