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    Wisteria Sinensis Plant Online

    Botanical Name - Wisteria Sinensis

    Common Name - Chinese Wisteria

    Family - Fabaceae

    Native -China

    Plant Height Available With Us - 12 to 15 Inches

    Wisteria Sinensis or Chinese wisteria is a deciduous, woody, perennial climbing vine which is native to China.

    Although the plant is a climbing vine but it can be converted into a tree like shape with a flat top and wavy trunk.

    Wisteria Sinensis flowers are blue, violet, or white and and its hardiness zone is 5-9, wisteria thrives in moist soil.

    It is considered to be shade tolerant but flowers only when it is exposed to full to partial sun.

    The plant of Wisteria sinensis is a very popular garden plant due to its beautiful flowering.

    The plant available with us is of height 12 to 14 inches .

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