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    Health Benefits Of Finger Millets or Eleusine Coracana

    Finger millets are more commonly known as mandua or ragi in India. The speciality of these tiny deep red pearls is the abundance of nutrients present in them. In the hills of India they are part of regular diet regime no wonder people living in these hills are so fit and rarely fall ill. In this article let us discuss about some of the benefits of finger millet's and why they should be included in our diet.

    Finger millet's are botanically known as eleusine coracana and its crop requires a lot of water supply unlike other millet crops.

    Health Benefits Of Finger Millet's
    1. Mandua or finger millet's has a very low glycemic index thus making its digestion process slow and helping in keeping the blood sugar levels at a constant ratio. It is a highly respected food amongst diabetes patients.

    2. Thiamine, iron and calcium are all present in abundance in finger millet's.

    3. Finger millet's are also rich in dietary fiber hence help in easy digestion.

    4. They are also an excellent remedy for constipation as they act as natural laxatives.

    5. Finger millet's are low in fat content but rich in carbohydrates hence are good for people who are obese.

    Generally finger millet's are made into flour and their chapattis are eaten with curry. It has a very pleasant taste.

    It is increasingly becoming popular as a bakery product and recently its demand has increased considerably due to people getting educated about its rich health benefits.

    Organically grown finger millet's are healthier and safer to eat as there are no harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides used in growing them hence they can be eaten with a free mind.

    The world has stood up and taken note of the benefits of organic farming due to the conventional farming methods failure to prevent deadly diseases and other health conditions.

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