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    Five Foods Which Help In Preventing Aging

    We are continuously subjected to fatigue, pollution and stress which contribute to aging and in today's world and living conditions we may start aging even before we realize hence it is very important to look after our health and what we eat. Here is the list of five foods which are excellent for our overall health and specially our skin health.

    Green Vegetables
    Dark greeen leafy vegetables like spinach naturally contain lutein and antioxidant which is beneficial for our eyes and prevents wrinkling of the skin as it provides the skin elasticity and moisture. Eating spinach also enhances lipid levels prevents free radicals from causing any damage to the body. Green vegetables also help in reducing dark circles as they are rich in vitamin c and k.

    They are well known as oysters but they have a wealth of other health benefits as well. If you have pale sallow skin or have dark circles then include oysters in your diet and see the difference they make to your skin

    It is one of the most commonly used food additive and is very beneficial for skin health. It is an effective acne remedy and is also used to purify blood and it has immunity boosting properties as well. Eating raw and crushed garlic can help in preventing further breakout of acne and make the skin glow.

    Belly bloatings numbers one cause is fluid retention in the body which is also the cause of puffy face and bags under the eyes. The good thing is that this can be treated by changes in the diet and maintaining a balance between sodium and potassium intake. We usually do not take enough potassium and this is where bananas come in as they are a rich source of potassium.

    While many people argue that they are highly rich in fats but avocado also contains omega 3 fatty acids which help in production of collagen thus helping in maintaining optimal skin health.

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