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    Health Benefits Of Garlic ( Allium Sativum )

    What is Garlic?
    Garlic which is botanically known as allium sativum is a plant which is commonly used both for medical and cooking purpose for many centuries. It is bitter and very strong in flavor and has excellent medical properties and is a potent anti viral, anti bacterial, anti oxidant as well as anti fungal remedy. Garlic largely possesses these properties due to presence of allicin.

    Incredible Health Benefits of Garlic

    There are many health benefits of garlic. It is used in treating a variety of health concerns like problems related to respiration, high cholesterol, indigestion, parasites and low energy levels. A number of clinical studies have confirmed that taking garlic regularly helps in lowering bp, controlling blood sugar levels, enhances immunity and improves blood cholesterol balance. People who eat garlic reduce the chances of having colon, esophageal or stomach cancer.

    It is also important to point out here that doctors and medical experts do not recommend eating raw garlic because eating it raw kills the enzyme essential for production fo allicin in the stomach thus nullifying all the positive effects of garlic. Hence it is recommended to eat pickled, cooked, powdered garlic or take it in tablets form.

    Common Uses Of Garlic

    As discussed earlier garlic has excellent anti-bacterial properties and is therefore helpful in fighting allergies. Experts recommend that one should start taking one table of garlic every day 15 to 20 days before the allergy season begins.

    The anti-bacterial properties of garlic are helpful in treating cough and other throat problems. It is considered an effective remedy for lowering the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections.

    It is a very effective home remedy for regulating levels of blood sugar in the body. Garlic helps in releasing insulin in the body hence a diabetes patient can take one tablet or capsule of garlic daily to keep his blood sugar levels normal.

    Blood Pressure
    Studies suggest that people who take garlic in the form of capsule of tablet have shown considerable improvement in their blood pressure problems. The effects were same as that of prescription drugs.

    Organic Garlic
    These days people are becoming more aware of the ill effects of the food grown with the help of pesticides and fertilizers that is why people are more inclined towards eating organically grown food as it is more safe and healthy to eat.

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