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    Health Benefits Of Indian Spices

    Indian food is well renowned for its rich taste, aroma and health benefits all over the world. In this particular article let us find out some of the best qualities of spices which are commonly used in Indian food.

    It is well known for its effectiveness in supporting the digestion of food and decongestive properties. Ginger also has medicinal properties and is highly effective in providing relief from nausea, stomach upset, allergy and cold. A cup of ginger tea is highly refreshing and good for health.

    It is one of the most potent and complete spice which has many good effects on our health and is one of the most expensive spices available. It has antioxidant properties, is used as an aphrodisiac, an anti aging agent, full of minerals and vitamins the list is endless.

    It is commonly known as heeng in India and is a miraculous cure for gastric problems. It is commonly added to foods which are considered to be gas producing. A pinch of heeng is more than enough for optimal digestion of food.

    It is the most aromatic of all Indian spices and is used for both medicinal use and to add aroma to food. In increases appetite, treats bad breath, indigestion, depression. Cardamom or elaichi tea is very commonly made all over India.

    They are dried flower buds of clove tree and are very hot in nature. Clove has antiseptic as well as antibacterial properties. It has been used as a natural home toothache remedy for hundreds of years due to its anesthetic properties.

    Black Pepper
    It used to enhance appetite, aid in digestion and is a great nerve tonic. In India it is commonly added in tea to experience relief from cough and cold.

    It has multiple medicinal properties. Some of them include blood purification, coping with diabetes, skin problems, constipation.

    Perhaps one of the most famous Indian spices all over the world. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent way to get a glowing and healthy skin.

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