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    Eating Healthy Food Without Spending Much

    Most of us believe that healthy food is expensive but it is generally not the case and one can adopt a healthy food diet within a moderate budget. We do not need to eat any special foods or drinks or a certain diet to eat nutritious food. If we just apply our simple common sense and eat a sensible diet we can eat a highly health and nutritious food daily without digging our pockets.

    Here are some tips for a good value healthy meals which can vastly improve your health within a limited budget.

    Toast With Beans Spread
    Protein is essential for our health and baked beans and other pulses are highly rich in protein. Eat beans with a toast and if possible do not add butter.

    Although a recent report has concentrated on the ill effects of eggs but still their are difference of opinions. Eat scrambled eggs, boiled eggs or whichever way you like them. They are a versatile and easy on pocket food for sure.

    It is a great breakfast cereal which can be added to a bowl of milk with little sugar. It has high nutritional values and is quite low in price.

    A wholemeal bread is a good source of iron. You can eat it in the form of a sandwich, toast or with butter spread. It is advisable to eat wholemeal bread only rather than the white one which has little health benefits.

    Baked potatoes are excellent source of starchy carbohydrates and protein. They can be eaten in a variety of ways.

    In order to add calcium to your diet you can eat desserts like custard and bananas, yoghurt with some fruits, milk and your favourite juice.

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