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    Health Benefits Of Hemp Seeds Or Cannabis Sativa

    Hemp seeds carry with themselves a bagful of health benefits recently scientists declared that if if a person completely stops taking any food and only eats hemp seeds he can survive on them for almost two months without suffering from any type of lack of nutritional problems. In Europe when tuberclosis had spread like an epidemic hemp protein was used to strengthen and protect people from falling prey to tuberclosis.

    Hemp seeds contain protein in the form of 33% albumin and 66% edestin and contain eight essential amino acids as well as 2 other important amino acids and this is not the end as they also contain an ideal % of omega fatty acids.

    Top Benefits Of Hemp Seeds

    1. Immunity And Memory Booster
    Hemp seed extract has an unidentified compound in it that may help to promote learning, memory and immune function Hemps seeds extract is known to have an unidentified compund which medical experts believe can help a person in improving his memorty, immunity levels and learning powers.

    2. Rich In Vitamins
    Hemp seeds are very rich in vitamin E which plays a vital role in formation of red blood cells.

    3. Essential Fatty Acids
    Oil present in hemp seeds is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which greatly help in decreasing risk of diseases like cancer, arthritis and heart diseases.

    4. More Benefits
    There are so many other benefits of hemp seeds. They can help in treating constipation as they act as bulk forming laxative.

    Hemp seeds have many medicinal uses in India and chutney made from them is very delicious and eaten with great fervor in many parts of India specially the Northern part.

    Our organic hemp seeds have been grown under the organic farming norms set by USDA and EU and are more safe to consume as compared to the hemp seeds which are grown under conventional farming which are bound to have a higher percentage of harmful chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

    Contact Us To Buy Your Own Organic Hemp Seeds And Live A Healthy And Disease Free Life.

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