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    Tropical trees have a look and feel about them which everyone loves. A palm tree for instance is the most commonly recognized tropical tree around the world.

    A tropical tree can be recognized easily through its completely different appearance from a northern tree.

    It is most of the times long and skinny with green leaves which hang from the tree like hair hang from a human's head.

    If anyone is looking to landscape his yard and wants a tropical feel to it then the best choice would be to plant a palm tree.

    People are often confused about the maintenance and proper care of the palm tree. Here we are going to discuss the type of tropical tree to choose for your garden and how to take care of it in the right manner.

    The most important part before you decide to plant a palm tree is to check its hardiness, height requirement and sunlight.

    For example if you live in a place where climate is usually very cold the tropical tree is not going to survive because it wants sunlight and warm temperatures.

    For people living in such areas they can opt for tropical trees that can be grown indoors .

    There is a wide variety of palm trees available with the most popular ones being- lady palm tree, puerto rican thatch and silver saw palmetto palm trees.

    All of them have palmate leaves which come out from one common point.

    A palmate leaf very much resembles an open human hand.

    The other palm trees in tropical area have pinnate leaves like queen palm trees and date palm tree.

    The variety of palm trees that can be kept indoor are bamboo tree, lady palm tree, kentia tree.

    Tropical tree which are very tall in size tend to love the sun while the shorter ones can survive in the shade.

    For more information visit - www.treefromseed.com/how-to-grow-palm-tree

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