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    Certified Organic Finger Millets ( Eleusine Coracana ) From India

    Finger millet is an important staple food in India. It requires a slightly higher percentage of water in comparison to other millet's. It thrives in elevated, cooler regions. Finger millet's plant has several spikes at the top of the stem hence called finger millet.

    In India it is used a flour, while making its flour a wheat is also added in a certain ratio. Mandua chapatis are commonly eaten in the hilly areas of Uttarakhand, India. It is also being used these days in bakery products and other baked derivatives.

    Technical Details
    Botanical Name - Eleusine Coracana

    Locally Known As - Mandua

    Varieties - VL- 149, 101, 146, 124, VI PES-400

    Nutritional Values - Iron- 6.4 mg, water- 13.1 g, fat- 1.3 g, protein- 7.3 g, calcium- 344 mg , vitamin A and B, carbohydrates- 72.0 g, calories- 328.

    Certifications - All our organic products meet the USDA and European Union guidelines. Please contact us for more details

    Availability - OUT OF STOCK

    Price In India For Finger Millet Flour. Contact us for payment options. -

    1 kg - INR 40 + INR 150 shipping = 190

    10 kg - INR 400 + INR 200 shipping = 600

    100 kg - INR 3000 + INR 1700 shipping = 4700

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