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    Certified Organic Kidney Beans ( Phaseolus Vulgairs ) From India

    Kidney beans or Phaseolus Vulgairs is a very popular variety of beans and it can be eaten by baking, cooking or drying.

    In the Indian state of Uttarakhand there are hundreds of different varieties of kidney beans grown and its crop is grown extensively as a cash crop by farmers. They are a favorite food of most people in India and apart from their rich taste and aroma are also rich in nutritional value.

    Technical Details
    Altitude - Kidney beans or Phaseolus Vulgairs is grown at an altitude of about 1000 meters to 2000 meters above the sea level.

    Botanical Name - Phaseolus Vulgairs

    Locally Known As - Chemi, Rajmah

    Varieties - Pant bean 2, Pusa paravti, Pant anupama, arka komal, jampa.

    Nutritional Values - Phosphorus- 410 mg, water- 12.0 g, fat - 1.3 g, protein- 22.9 g, iron- 6.8 mg ,carbohydrates- 60.6 g, calcium- 260 mg

    Certifications - All our organic products meet the USDA and European Union guidelines. Please contact us for more details

    Availability - OUT OF STOCK

    Price For Indian Consumers Rupees 135/kg

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