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    Health Benefits Of Rice ( Oriza Sativa )

    Rice is one of the most common foods eaten all over the world and has been around since ages. There are many health benefits of rice like blood sugar level stability, improved better bowel movement, energy boost and provides the body with ample vitamin B1 supply.

    Eating rice is also beneficial for skin, prevents high bp, heart ailments. It is a very important cereal crop and more than half the world eats rice as a staple diet.

    There are more than 40 thousand varieties of rice available in the world. Rice is mostly recognized by the length of its grain. In China and India people are fond of long grain varieties like basmati while in the Western world short or medium length grain is preferred. Let us have a look at some of the key health benefits of rice which we are generally unaware of -

    1. Cholesterol Free
    One of the most important benefit of eating rice is that it is completely free from cholesterol, sodium and other harmful fats.

    2. Vitamin Source
    Rice is full of vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, vitamin D and also contains lots of fiber making it easy to digest food.

    3. Energy Booster
    Rice is very rich in carbohydrates hence provides instant energy to the body and promotes normal functioning of the brain.

    4. Good For Blood Pressure Patients
    As we discussed earlier that it is free from sodium hence rice is an excellent food for people who have high blood pressure problem.

    5. Skin Care
    Powdered rice can treat a number of skin problems. In Ayurveda rice water is considered an effective remedy for cooling off inflamed skin surface.

    Organically Grown Rice
    These days people are more inclined towards eating organically grown food due to the ill effects of conventional farming has had on our and environments health. Organically grown rice is considered to be more health friendly as there are no harmful chemicals and pesticides or artificial fertilizers used in growing organic rice.

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