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    Top Reasons Why People Prefer Organic Food Over Conventional Food

    Organic food is gaining immense popularity these days thanks to the ill effects modern conventionally grown food has on our health but there are many people who are voicing their concern whether eating organic is really more healthier. In this article let us discuss about the health and environmental benefits of growing organic food.

    Here are the top reasons for embracing organically grown food and organic farming methods -

    Organic farming is far more environment friendly as compared to conventional farming. This is visible to a person who visits an organic farm as he sees greater diversity of animals and plants leaving coherently in a peaceful environment.

    Food which is non organic is processed with hydrogenated fat which is fatal for our heart's health while organic food is free from this type of fat. Hence people who are prone to heart ailments organic food is definitely a better choice.

    Under organic food farming standards genetically modified crops are not allowed hence the originality of the crop is maintained.

    Organic food is fre from pesticides and harmful chemical fertilizers as their are only a few harmless pesticides allowed in organic farming. Usually natural fertilizers are used in organic farming.

    Most Popular Organic Food Products

    Organic Spinach
    Eat organic spinach as it has been found that they do have higher nutritional values as compared to their non-organic counterparts.

    Organic Soup
    Researchers have found that soup made from organic vegetables contains six times more salicylic acid which helps in combating hardened arteries and cancer of the bowel.

    Organic Apples
    It is well known that conventionally grown apples are sprayed massively with pesticides which go directly into our bodies. Hence organic apples are no doubt a better choice.

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