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    Tacca Chantrieri Plant Buy Online

    Botanical Name - Tacca Chantrieri

    Common Name - Tacca Black Bat Plant

    Family - Dioscoreaceae

    Genus - Tacca

    Tacca chantrieri commonly known as tacca black bat plant gets its name due to the strong resemblance in appearance as to that of a bat.

    This plant would be a great addition to your garden due to its unique flower shape.

    The plant required a bit of extra care but once it starts flowering you would love every bit of it.

    It is advised to keep it away from very cold temperatures as well as away from sun. If you are planting it outside plant it in the area where there is ample shade.

    Soil -

    Well draining soil is recommended and soil should remain moist for optimum growth and health.

    At the same time make sure that the soil does not get soggy. <

    All other care details will be sent along with the plant.

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