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    Certified Organic Garlic (Allium Sativum) From India

    Garlic belongs to the onion family and has been used traditionally for thousands of years for medicinal and cooking purposes.

    Garlic thrives in a moderately clay loam, well drained and at higher elevations. Garlic plant prefer cool climate.

    Technical Details
    Altitude - Garlic is grown at an altitude of about 900 meters to 1500 meters above the sea level.

    Botanical Name - Allium Sativum

    Locally Known As - Lahaisun

    Varieties - Pant Lohit, VL Garlic1, ARU52, Sohan Phavri, Godavri, G-282

    Nutritional Values - Vitamin B2-0.08, Fibre 1.90gm, Calcium-0.10mg, Carbohydrates-70.40, Phosphorus-0.42, Iron-0.004, Potassium-0.70, Niacin 0.70, Vitamin A- 17500IU, Vitamin B-0.68, Vitamin C- 1200mg, Sodium- 0.01

    Certifications - All our organic products meet the USDA and European Union guidelines. Please contact us for more details

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